In any sports gambling, the biggest factor that determines your success or failure is usually the form of betting odds and how they affect your betting decision making process. Unlike traditional North American sports where you only bet on the money line, bet on a spread, pay a reasonable spread, or simply go over/unders a given set total, in NASCAR betting you are forced to consider more than who is favored to win. Get familiar with the most common betting lines in NASCAR betting.

Can You Live Bet NASCAR?

Live betting involves staking on a sporting event once it has started. The majority of the markets that were available before the start should be carried over to the live section once the action gets underway.

In terms of motorsport and NASCAR in particular, this means race winner, place betting, head to head and much more. The answer is yes, there is live NASCAR betting but it’s only available at a select number of sportsbooks. That’s one of the reasons why it’s important to choose your provider wisely.

Firstly, find a recommended sportsbook that has an extensive range of NASCAR markets. If you are interested in live betting, head over to that section of the website and check on the number of betting options.

In play betting, as it’s also called, is popular among many punters because it’s an exciting way to approach the markets. It can really test your skills as a race analyst and the odds fluctuate very quickly once an event gets underway. If it’s important to you, make sure your sportsbook has it covered.

Where Can I Bet on NASCAR?

Every sportsbook has a motorsport section but not all of them provide options for NASCAR betting. Some of the bookmakers that do provide odds are very restrictive with bets for the outright winner and very little else.

This makes choosing a sportsbook an important issue, particularly if you’re looking for prop bets such as head-to-head NASCAR betting and others. We recommend a number of sites based on specific criteria such as competitive odds and choice of NASCAR betting markets. Among those recommendations are Betway, Bovada and SportsInteraction.

NASCAR Betting Markets Tips

Finding a NASCAR Betting App

An app can give you more flexibility no matter what sport you’re interested in and NASCAR betting is no different. All of our recommended sports betting companies have apps and they will let you get to those NASCAR markets as quickly as possible. This is especially important for live markets which can be volatile and where you need to get to the odds before they change.

Apps should be free and fast to download and available for iOS and Android devices. Once you’ve located and installed your NASCAR betting app, you should find that this is the quickest way to access all markets – both pre race and in play. It offers that speed and flexibility and an app is a must have if you’re taking NASCAR betting seriously.

What Type of Bets Can I Make on NASCAR Races?

NASCAR betting is a popular pastime and one that people engage in on a regular basis. It is, however, not as simple to take part in betting since there are many things to consider before putting in bets.

Most people who engage in betting take away their bets and odds during the qualifying sessions and present it afresh just before the race begins. This gives them a chance to make a better guess and place a better bet.

In order to bet efficiently, it is important to focus on three important stages of the race namely qualifying, practice session and the main race. These play an important role in the betting process and are explained here.


Qualifying is usually not seen as an important part of betting, since no better places bets on the results. It is, however, essential for bettors to pay keen attention during qualifying, as it can have a direct effect on the main race. Racers have to move through several groove tracks and take over cars within a narrow space. Their main aim will be to get a good starting position for the main race so that they have a better chance on race day. Pit stops too are based on qualifying positions. It is important to grab the best spot at certain circuits in order to increase the chances of doing well in the main race. A bettor must keep all of this in mind and observe the qualifying session carefully, so as to place a good bet. It is best to research the track in advance and understand which driver is at an advantage to win the race, based on his qualifying position.


Practice sessions are carried out several times a week to assess the fastest cars in the race. The final practice session is most relevant for bettors, as it is the best indicator of how the race is poised to look on match day. Make sure you pay attention to all the details at play including the temperature, weather and other things that have a bearing on the final race. For example, if the race track gets too hot chances are the tires will get too sticky and cause cars to slide. Conversely, colder weathers make tires bulkier and difficult to maneuver the cars. These things should be kept in mind before placing bets.

Final Race

The final race is when most bettors place their final bets. Picking the final race winner will be based on the qualifying session and the practice. It is not simple to get the results right every time and requires proper assessment. Once the tentative winner is decided upon, the NASCAR betting enthusiast places his bets.

A subset of betting is known as driver matchups, where two drivers are pitted against each other. The final position of the chosen driver is not important as long as he finishes above the other driver. These are not a part of mainstream betting and do not have an impact on the official race. They serve as side bets for small-time bettors.

NASCAR Outright Winner And Place Betting

These are the most popular picks and offer perfect places to start for those who are new to NASCAR betting. In terms of the outright market, the task is to stake on the driver who you think is most likely to win the race.

Alternatively, if there is a driver who looks strong but you’re not completely convinced that they will win the race, you can take a place bet. This will pay out at shorter odds if they finish inside the top three.

Head-to-Head NASCAR Betting

Head-to-Head NASCAR betting puts drivers up against each other and it’s the job of the bettor to decide on which one that they think will finish higher up the leaderboard.

This is quite a specialised prop bet and only those sportsbooks who take NASCAR seriously will provide it. However, it certainly adds interest to the overall choice of markets. Bookmakers can cover all drivers in a race and group them into sets of two or possibly three. Carry out some research and make your choice as to who you think will finish highest from within that group.

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How To Bet On NASCAR? – NASCAR Betting Strategy

Bet on More Drivers, Not Just One

When we ask how does NASCAR betting work, there is more than one way in which to approach the markets. As part of your overall strategy, you could start by betting on more than one driver to win.

If you do look at this possibility, it’s important to make sure that whatever you stake, you’re certain to come away with a profit as long as one of those drivers were to win. Calculate the odds and the staking pattern to ensure that this is the case. The practise is known as hedging and, as long as you get those calculations right, you can combine two, three or more drivers.

Understand Team Dynamics

NASCAR teams are allowed to have four cars in any international series. Those that run to that maximum level are likely to have a range of drivers at varying stages of their careers. As with formula one, there may be more of a focus on one driver at the expense of their teammates.

Potentially, there could be a difference in the quality of the cars as you run through the drivers on the roster. This form of team dynamics is something that can have an effect on the results of races and it should be kept in mind as you look to pick race winners and consider other props.

Track History

Identifying trends is a good way to build up a NASCAR betting strategy. In this modern, digital world, it’s very easy to look up previous results from NASCAR meetings and those figures could help you to predict some winners moving forwards.

Let’s say, for example, that the upcoming race is set to be held at Watkins Glen International. Our research shows us that one particular driver has a strong record there and, as such, he could be a likely pick for the upcoming event. Drivers who perform well at one circuit may not be quite so strong on another surface. Perhaps that same individual is weaker when it comes to racing at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

This is the type of fairly basic research that you can carry out which will help to tip the NASCAR odds in your favour.

Choose A Good Sportsbook

We’ve underlined a list of sportsbooks and we have many recommended outlets available. Finding a good bookmaker should be an important part of your overall betting strategy for a number of reasons.

Firstly, we want to find value and that can only come from competitive odds. It’s not advisable to play with a bookmaker out of loyalty if their prices are poor. Secondly, we want the choice that comes from a range of betting markets. Some bettors like to focus on the props so we want an outlet that has a good selection of bets.

The best sportsbooks have a strong combination of that value and choice.

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Choose a Race, a Driver and a Bet Type

If you’re new to NASCAR betting then it helps to start with the basics. Start with a race that’s coming up and pick a driver who you think has a good chance of success.

Now it’s time to select a bet type. If you want to keep things really simple then just start with the overall race winner. If you want less exposure, a place bet is perfectly acceptable. Alternatively, look to the prop markets and go for head to head NASCAR betting against another driver.

Follow those basic steps and then look further into all the advice that is listed on this page.


It is important for a successful bettor to consider a driver’s performance in the qualifier and practice session before placing his bets. Research is key and should be carried out before every race, and every time you bet on NASCAR.